Ease of use

A few clicks and you are ready to use the world's most advanced computing device. Get a headstart for your organization, by choosing Enterprise - Custom configuration.

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Awesome savings

Save over 95% in your power bills. That's a saving of about $190 (INR 10,000) per desktop, per year !! Realy, check out the details for yourself.

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Feature packed

G8 Eco App, is one of the most versatile and feature packed devices you will see. Low power, high performance, Quad core graphic high definition output, puts it in a leage of its own.

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Our service guarantee

Each G8 Eco App comes with an unmatched lifetime warranty*. Any time, during this period, if your product fails you, we will repair/replace the same.

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G8 Eco App InstallationUsing G8 Eco App is a simple, convenient and easy affair.

Connect your G8 Eco App

  • To the monitor, using the HDMI port. You can connect using the provided HDMI cable, or you can even plug it in directly into the TV/Monitor HDMI slot.
  • To the power, using the provided mini USB cable. 
  • To the keyboard/mouse. Connect the Keyboard and/or mouse to the USB slot provided on the G8 Eco App.

Tha's it, power it on and you would have access to the most amazing product you have come across in a long time.


Enterprise custom configuration

If you are an enterprise customer, ask for our special custom configuration options. G8 Eco App received by you, will be pre-configured for

  • Pre-loaded list of applications your organisation uses. Get all applications pre-loaded on the device - no need to custom download/configure new applications.
  • Custom desktop background - Get your common company background across all the G8 Eco App desktop deployed
  • Network configuation - Your G8 Eco App automatically connects to the WiFi network of your organisation.
  • Custom network shares - Device pre-loads with your network shares of your organisation, thus users are good to go as soon as they boot up.
  • And many more .....


Get Android version - Low learning curve

The ability of G8 Eco App to use Android as the base operating system significantly reduces the learning curve that your employees may have. An interface that each employee has already seen in his/her android phones, an inteface that has been designed to cater to people who are more focused on getting their work done, than on technology. The Android interface aggregates the user experience to a simple levels, something that is both utility specific as well as convenient.

Or.. Linux (PicUntu) - The power world

If your organisation is more comfortable with the Linux world, choose from the complete GUI based Linux - the desktop version, or the command line based power server (the server version).

Or... the Windows. - The familiar world

G8 Eco app is designed to work as a powerful Hybrid client (Mix of desktop and Thin client), it gives you the power of a desktop and the convenience, security, power savings of a thin client. Using the G8 Eco Power thin client, you can run any Windows application the way your organisation is used to.

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