Globus Eight

An IT systems integration and services company, that simplifies cutting edge technologies for your business needs.

Globus Eight was founded in 2013, by a group of like minded people from Harvard Business School, IBM and Jumbo Group. The quest was to provide innovative solutions in a simple to use format for the education institutes and others.

Technology, made simple – this is what we work for.

Cumulatively, the core team members brings about more than 125 years of experience from diverse fields such as Hospitality, Healthcare, IT and Telecommunication. Each of our core team members have succeeded in highly competitive corporate world.

Global ecosystem

As in an optimal world, we leverage the technology skills from India, we fuel our growth from China, money matters are managed in USA and our market remains – India, Africa and USA. Our intent is to truly leverage the Global ecosystem to deliver best of the breed products to our customers.

Our solutions

Our solutions are for customers in the segment of

  • Education – India, Africa

  • Retail, Reality and Hospitality – India, USA

  • Healthcare - USA

  • Enterprise – India, USA

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Technology made simple.

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