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Tuesday, October 15, 2013 11:00 AM IST (+05:30 AM GMT): Globus Eight today announced the availability of G8 Eco App G 4.4, for its customers in India. Just connect the HDMI port of the Monitor/TV, plug in your normal USB keyboard, provide power and it boots up into the operating system of your choice.

Built around ARM processor, this quad core 1.8 Ghz device is just a bit smaller than a highlighter pen, but as a multi-core processor, delivers more CPU power than your average desktop computer.

"Our customers in Education sector, Retail/Reality/Hospitality, Healthcare and Enterprise will find G8 Eco App, a reliable, cost effective and a powerful replacement for their desktop needs" said Alok Sinha, Chief Executive Officer, Globus Eight.

Its amazing, what G8 Eco App G 4.4, packs in that small box. Quad Core (dual core option available) A9 ARM CPU running at 1.8 Ghz gives you blazing performance for your compute needs. The on board graphics card is also a quad core MALI providing a true 1080p multimedia digital display, connecting to your HDMI port of TV/Monitor. You can connect external storage of upto 5TB, through the USB port. However, G8 Eco App comes with an internal RAM of 2GB and an internal disk of 16GB (or 8 GB) provides your base disks. This can be augmented by the additional TF card slot that supports an additional 64GB. Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, two USB ports provide connectivity to various devices. Ethernet, additional sound card, camera can be added through USB ports.

With a power consumption of only 2-4 watts, this device consumes less than 1-2% of your normal desktop, thus saving upwards of Rs. 10,000 (approx $180) per year per desktop in power consumption alone. "Imagine, the UPS system that gave you 15 minutes power support, can now give you upto 24 hrs of battery backup." said Alok. "CFOs and CEOs are increasingly becoming aware that Desktops are a major consumer of electricity and contributors of heat on the air-conditioning and G8 Eco App provides the optimal solution to reduce your power need by upto 99%".

Globus Eight provides life-time warranty on G8 Eco App. In the unlikely event, that G8 Eco app fails, just ship back the device and Globus Eight will repair (or replace) the device for you. "This is a reflection of our confidence on G8 Eco App", explained Alok. G8 Eco App (G4.4) has no moving parts and provides high reliability even in rugged environment conditions. The skills required to support desktop, is now significantly reduced, even non-technical people can replace the device. Weighing, a mere 34 grams of weight, G8 Eco App is conveniently shipped even to remote locations. More information about lifetime warranty and terms and conditions can be found on -

You can choose to run Linux (PicUntu) or Android as the native operating system. Windows application can be run, using G8 Eco App as a Hybrid Client. PicUntu is an Ubuntu derived Linux created by Globus Eight, and can pretty much run any application that a normal Ubuntu platform can run. While G8 Eco App has the compute power of your desktop, it also excels in working as a Thin Client. Our unique "Hybrid Client approach" allows all central processing to be done centrally and all local non-critical functions - such as browsing, email access, web-app access, media play to be done locally - all the while giving you all the benefits of a thin client - power, security, convenience.

G8 Eco app, for the first time, brings the power of ARM processor to the mainline enterprise. With an inaugural price, of base model starting at Rs. 7,900 (excluding monitor, keyboard), it allows you to reduce your entry costs by upto fifty percent.

Education institutes can provide the Eco App to students and install Monitors and keyboards in class  rooms, labs. The student uses his G8 Eco app in college campus and when home connects his G8 Eco App to the TV to work on his assignments, games etc. Retail customers use this product as an excellent Digital Signage player. For Healthcare customers, G8 Eco App comes pre-assured as an HIPAA and HIPAA-Omnibus compliant device to access your EMR. The Hospitality industry leverages the strong multi-media play capability to offer complete computer for its hotel guests.

Globus Eight Net P Ltd, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, IT Integration company headquartered in USA and India. Globus Eight was found in 2012, by a   group of like minded people from Harvard Business School, IBM and Jumbo Group. The quest is to provide innovative solutions in a simple to use format   for business. It provides IT integration services around Linux, Cloud computing, Home-automation, Security services and IT in Health-care. Globus Eight   was the first in the world, to have created a completely new Linux distribution on the Pico computer, derived from Ubuntu - called PicUntu, released in   open  source world. It has tie-ups with leading research institutes in India, with whom aggressive research work is ongoing on Artificial Intelligence, Bionics   and robotics. More information available on website -  Media contact details: Akaanksha S, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Globus Eight Inc., (+91 9811169666)


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