G8 LifeOn offers smart and affordable automation solutions with seamless integration of Lighting, Security, Media, Electrical and IOT devices to give you luxury lifestyle. Integrates with existing devices - If it can be controlled by remote, LifeOn can control.

LifeOn is a pluggable combination of hardware, software and services that will allow to connect ‘almost any’ IoT device, service and get seamless experience of integrated use, analytics and cognitive blend. Subsequesnt versions of LifeOn will have additional devices to plugin but also able to provide analytics at the consumer level - ability to crunch data into real-time information, as it happens.


LifeOn - Integrated world

LifeOn platform integrate current isolated world in which each device talk with each other and can be controlled by anyone. LifeOn integrates different applications and services which provides flexible integration that solve the most challenging connectivity problems.

LifeOn Integration platform provides the ability to monitor IoT devices which offers REST APIs that can integrate with any device technologies such as - Zigbee, Zwave, NFC, Bluetooth, GSM, or even Wi-Fi. LifeOn platform focusing on bringing new technology that are still considered as new or futuristic by many, into day to day solutions for use. The platform offers smart and affordable automation solutions with interwoven devices of home automation, vehicle automation, media management, wellness and concierge services to give consumers a truly luxurious lifestyle. 

Lets begins your life smarter with G8 LifeOn and enjoy this LifeOn product description video.


                     G8 LifeOn Product Description V2.4                                                                                  Jenny and G8 LifeOn V2.0

G8 LifeOn domains offer integrated module for a variety of IOT devices. Technological functions such as security, automotive and wellness control system. Choose the modules and components you want to deploy as per your needs. Visit LifeOn website.

G8 LifeOn provides easy and Instant deployment with all your needs. Choose the modules and components you want to deploy as per your needs. Bye any device, we will integrate. Visit our LifeOn Product Website.


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