Globus Eight gives users an unparalleled level of convenience and smart object integration with its new smart IoT platform, LifeOn.

New Delhi/New York City, Jan 8th, 2015 – Today Globus Eight Inc. launched LifeOn, a platform that seamlessly integrates smart objects and links your life to the Internet of Things (IoT). LifeOn gives you a wide choice and selection of different technologies, allowing you mix and match as many devices and services to suit your lifestyle.

Through a combination of hardware, software, and services, LifeOn aims to provide users with a better life with complete home automation, wellness services, security automation, as well as vehicle automation, on-demand concierge services, and entertainment system integration.


The LifeOn platform bridges the gap between wide variety of IoT devices and links them with a central system, allowing users to monitor and take control of their smart homes, without the complications associated with competing brands and incompatible smart objects. What’s more, LifeOn integrates with more than 80% of the leading IoT technology providers. 8000+ devices are compatible, with more than 1,200 devices assured through 1,500 APIs incorporating into LifeOn platform, these include Zwave, Zigbee, NFC, Bluetooth, smart watches, wellness trackers and vehicle automation services.

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