PicUntu is a cute little version of linux, working on G8 Eco App. No it is not a person, but we find it real cute.

G8 Eco PicUntu 

G8 Eco PicUntu is a Linux OS running on G8 Eco App.

It has its name derived from other existing versions of Linux OS like Ubuntu and Xbuntu.


G8 PicUntu - the Linux server...

G8 Eco PicUntu offers a almost the complete range of applications that you would run on a normal Linux world. Based on Ubuntu distribution system, PicUntu can run as a headless server for long periods of time, at power consumptions lower than 5W.

Some of the applications that run seamlessly on PicUntu are (remember this is just a representative list.. many more through apt-get install <....> )

  • Apache, mysql: apache2 php5 mysql-server-5.5 phpmyadmin
  • Mail/Bind package: sendmail mailutils dnsutils bind9 fetchmail
  • Windows network file server – samba
  • Content manager: Joomla.
  • Media server, Webmin, xfce,xubuntu-desktop,Gnome
  • Libreoffice: office suite, a MS Office clone
  • Java JDK: openjdk-7-jre-headless openjdk-7-jre-lib openjdk-7-jre
  • Gcompiler: gcc gdb gcc-4.7 cpp cpp-4.7 binutils-gold libgcc1-dbg autoconf automake cpp-doc autotools-dev
  • Editors: bluefish geany
And many such more applications and configurations to choose from.

G8 Eco PicUntu - The complete desktop

G8 Eco PicUntu comes pre-configured and ready to be used as a modern desktop. Complete with open office (Libreoffice), video players, graphics, internet, messaging, collaboration, remote desktop access, remote management, easy to use user interface... and the works. Just power on the G8 Eco App and see the power of Desktop unfold.


G8 Eco PicUntu - The other goodies.

  1. Along with all the above features, G8 Eco Picuntu the facility of customised kernel settings and configuration to ensure that only those set of drivers, configuration is loaded that is absolute must for your requirements. 
  2. What's more G8 Eco Picuntu, comes with hardened operating system, saving you hundreds of hours that your team will normally spend to secure the operating system.
  3. Pre-configured. Deploying 500 desktops in any world is a challenging and daunting task. It takes significant efforts, on behalf of the IT team to open, boot, configure, deploy, customize the desktop for each end user. Not with G8 Eco App. Based on the configuration details that you share with us (at the time of the orders - > 500 nos), we pre-configure the device to your needs.
  4. It comes pre-configured with
  • Applications that your profile requires
  • Network configuration (connect to wifi networks, without efforts)
  • UserID
  • Custom desktop background
  • Pre-loaded configuration data for your default desktop
  • and many more...





Making of PicUntu 

: Feb 2013 - PicUntu is born - Its a shaky looking thing, trying to stand on its feet, created and working for devices that are ARM based, dual core - upto 1.6 GHz and about 1 GB of RAM.

: Late Feb 2013 - picuntu.g8.net (or ubuntu.g8.net) website goes online. Its the first web server that runs and hosts the picuntu website. Its a complete joomla based content management server,

: May 2013 - Justin releases PicUntu Home:IO - a very complete and comprehensive PicUntu distribution that allows the home user to access and play with the power of PicUntu.

: Jun 2013 - Source code for ARM based processors released.

: Jul, Aug, Sep 2013 - Lot of brownian motion, sweating, hard work. Sweating, more hard work continues.

: Oct 2013 - PicUntu 4.4.3 released. The complete distribution of Ubuntu on 1.8 GHz Quad Core - ARM based processors. The little genie is finally released.

PicUntu continues to grow in capability, ability and application space - thanks to several developers in the open community, forums and various other sources.


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